Werner Greuter (Managing Director) Swiss
Fidelis Idumebor (Alternate Director) Nigerian

The Managing Director Mr. Werner Greuter and Mr. Fidelis Idumebor (Alternate Director) have been in the Surveying and Mapping Business for over 25 years and are very experiences as both occupied top positions in that Industry before forming the ICP (Nigeria) Ltd. in 1995.

Mr. Werner Greuter was the head of Leica Product Management PGS (Photogrammetry) for 3 years, 1991- 1992. He went back to Nigeria in 1993 which resulted in forming ICP. From 1982- 1990 he was the Sales Director for Near- and Middle East for Kern Swiss, which was integrated 1988 in WILD-Leitz (now Leica- Geosystems). From 1976 to 1982, Werner Greuter was the Technical Director of Atlas (Nigeria) Ltd. Isolo, Lagos, representatives of Kern Swiss at that time.

Mr. Fidelis Idumebor was also employed as the Service Manager with Atlas about same time as Mr. Werner Greuter and has specialized on repairs and servicing of high precision surveying equipment. He travelled regularly for several weeks each to the factory in Switzerland to be updated on the latest equipment. Today he is the Technical Manager and Alternate Director with ICP.


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